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Four-Years Old
Staff 1
Teachers in the four-year old program design their curriculum with emphasis on “Reading and School Readiness”. The curriculum is creative and incorporates technology that addresses individual differences and provides a wide range of activities and experiences. The technology enriched lessons improve higher-order thinking skills that prove to be engaging as well as challenging.

The curriculum for the Four's includes “Early Reading” and "Pre-School Math Readiness” instruction in a very small group setting. Early Reading activities focus and reflect on phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension. Children receive support and guidance through teacher directed pre-reading activities that relate to the following:

  • Letter by letter decoding
  • Oral reading procedures
  • The use of story structure for question answering and generation
  • Sight words

Our children are reading by 4 years old!

Pre-School Math Readiness prepares children for an understanding of basic math skills to include: Number Concepts, Pattern Recognition, Sequencing, Addition and Subtraction. As an introduction to a second language our curriculum incorporates Spanish instruction. This gives your children a special talent at an early age. Our Spanish instruction is enthusiastic and engages the children though the Spanish vocabulary. To improve the children's new language skills they eagerly learn pronunciation, word clusters and culturally rich music lyrics.

The ratio in the Four-Year old room is one Teacher to Twelve children.

Other Programs:

Along with our Infant, Two-Year, Three-Year, Four-Year and School Age programs, we offer Half-Day Enrichment, Before/After care, STEM WizKids and Summer Program.