5890 Cedar Lane
Columbia, MD, 21044
PHONE: 410.730.5234/5240
Kindergarten/First Grade
kindergarten enrollment

Bright Stars Learning Academy is licensed by the Maryland State Board of Education for non-public schools. The children participate in the Howard County Board of Education curriculum used in the public schools. The children are exposed to a wealth of knowledge as it prepares them to continue their education at another school of choice for the second grade.

The curriculum is rich and includes technology, phonics, reading, writing, mathematical concepts and theory, science, social studies, educational software, daily hands-on computer activities, movement, music and crafts. The teachers assign homework as it relates to the classroom instruction and to boost lessons learned. Teachers actively and enthusiastically participate with parents in teacher-parent conferences.

Other Programs:

Along with our Infant, Two-Year, Three-Year, Four-Year and School Age programs, we offer Half-Day Enrichment, Before/After care, STEM WizKids and Summer Program.