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Three-Years Old
Staff 1
Teachers in the Three-Year old program design their curriculum to promote independence, imagination, mutual respect, cooperation, and language. The curriculum in the Three-Year old room focuses on
Pre-reading, Math, Social Studies, Technology, Science and Social Skills. The daily activities deliver lessons on:

  • Community
  • Sharing
  • Trading
  • Positive social interaction
  • Problem solving

Technology is used in the Three-Year old room to enhance the curriculum as it involves math, language arts, science and social studies. Children interact with technology through group and one-on-one activities to enforce math and language skills. Children participate in group activities and are encouraged to use the correct words, speak in sentences and identify sounds and pictures. Science and Social studies are introduced to the Three-Year olds as they learn about the world around them through community and discovery.

We provide Spanish instruction that is entertaining and exciting. Children are engaged and taught Spanish vocabulary to include animals, counting, family members, and food. Parents are invited to join in and sit through the fun.

The ratio in the Three-Year old room is one Teacher to Ten children.

Other Programs:

Along with our Infant, Two-Year, Three-Year, Four-Year and School Age programs, we offer Half-Day Enrichment, Before/After care, STEM WizKids and Summer Program.