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Two-Years Old
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Teachers in the Two-Year old program provide a fun and entertaining curriculum designed to promote language and interactive communication as well as meet the needs of the child's rapid growth and development. Two-Year olds are encouraged to learn and emulate through story time, learning games and free play. Activities for the two-year olds are designed to adhere to the nature of their short attention span and their developmental needs.

In the Two-Year old room we prepare your child for independence. One of the biggest signs of independence is using the bathroom without adult assistance. At Bright Stars we begin the Potty Training process in the Two-Year-old room.

Potty training requires patience and a commitment from both parents and teachers. The process of potty training starts when the child is interested. Interest can start as early as 18 months while others may not be interested until 3 years of age. When your child is ready we are ready. At Bright Stars we practice good hygiene and strongly encourage weekly communication between the teachers and parents of the child's progress.

Here are a couple of questions that you can ask that may give some indication that your child is ready for Potty Training.

  • Can your child walk, sit down, follow simple directions and answer yes or no to simple questions?
  • Does your child imitate going to the bathroom?
  • Can your child bring his/her diaper to you in order to be changed
  • Can your child pull his/her pants up and down?
  • Does your child ask you to change his/her diaper?
  • Is your child dry for a consistent period of at least two hours?

Our schedule of activities incorporates individual lessons as well as group lessons. Children at age two are exposed to subjects such as math, language arts, science and social studies in a fun and inviting curriculum. Children enjoy math concepts that encourage learning in pattern matching, sorting, counting, colors, shapes, big and little and long and short. Technology is used in the classroom to bring adventures to life that supports language arts, science and social studies. To complete the learning cycle children also participate in structured Spanish lessons.

Ratio is one Teacher to Six children.

Other Programs:

Along with our Infant, Two-Year, Three-Year, Four-Year and School Age programs, we offer Half-Day Enrichment, Before/After care, STEM WizKids and Summer Program.